Festivals, events and exhibitions in Tuscany

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Festivals, events and exhibitions in Tuscany

Tuscany is the land of costume festivals. These events frequently feature mediaeval or Renaissance costume, battle re-enactments, horsemanship, flag tossing and, of course, music and drumming in all its forms. And a great many Tuscan festivals either feature food or are entirely devoted to a local culinary speciality. These festivals are genuine folk festivals, often with virtually the entire populations of towns and villages participating with costumes, floats, booths etc. that they've been working on all year. A few of the more difficult activities, such as walking on stilts and juggling, are carried out by semi-professionals and there are often individuals who bring tamed and trained owls, honey buzzards and other birds of prey from elsewhere. The popular aspect really contributes to making these fairs real fun to attend. Check our list for events and festivals in Tuscany near where you'll be staying. 

In addition to great folkloric events, Tuscany is, of course, home to some of the greatest art cities in the world and consequently of art exhibitions great and small. Some of these are highly specialised shows while other, some of which are reviewed in the posts below, are block-buster art exhibitions that shouldn't be missed.


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