Weather and seasons in Tuscany

What to expect weather-wise
in the beautiful Region of Tuscany, Italy

Weather  in Tuscany

The weather in Tuscany seems to be very local. It can hail for half an hour in one village while the neighbouring village, 5 km away, remains sunny. This limits the value of the forecasts but basically a prediction of rain during the late Spring, Summer and Autumn months usually means short and sometimes heavy showers. For tourists, having an umbrella on hand is usually all that's required. If you're sightseeing in Florence when a downpour starts, there will surely be a church or other interesting structure open to the public and nearby where you can profitably shelter. Winter can be very cold, even, in fact especially, under clear skies. Snow doesn't necessarily bring intense cold but does cause problems with regard to driving in what is a very hilly Region. In many areas where the roads are either steep or at a higher altitude, snow chains are mandatory during the winter months - meaning they have to be carried in the car and quite often have to be used.

The other aspect of the weather that affects tourists is heat. It's important not to exaggerate this aspect. For example, air conditioning in Tuscany is rare outside of the big hotels in the cities basically because it isn't necessary except maybe for 4-5 days a year. If your vacation is planned for July and August and you're sensitive to heat, try to stay outside the cities at a higher altitude. Many country vacation rentals provide access to a swimming pool. After a hard day of sightseeing, getting home to the pool in late afternoon really makes a difference.

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