Tours and guides in Tuscany

Private minibus tours, guides, shore excursions and wine tours in Tuscany

Tours and guides in Tuscany

Here are some links to posts containing useful information on many aspects of touring in Tuscany, especially wine tours.

For those who don't drive or don't wish to drive in Tuscany, an alternative for visiting the many out of the way but extremely interesting sights in Tuscany is to hire a driver-guide with minibus or car (depending on how many of you there are). Although much more expensive than using public transport, taking one day tour with a good driver will allow you to visit and learn more that you could hope to accomplish over several days if you attempted the same thing by train and bus. Always hire a driver who displays his NCC license.

We include here tips on shore excursions from cruise ships as well as the quite unusual opportunity to spend a day travelling on a train pulled by a steam engine.

Vacation accommodations in Tuscany

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