Getting around in Tuscany

Useful travel tips on public and private transport in Tuscany

Getting around in Tuscany

Tuscany is provided with an excellent train service between the larger towns and some of the smaller ones as well. Travelling from one Province to another (for example from Provincia di Firenze to Provincia di Grosseto) is usually best done by train because the bus lines for the most part fan out from the provincial capitals to towns and villages within the Province. Some areas, for example, Chianti Classico, have no railway system at all. To tour the numerous places and buildings of interest throughout Tuscany, having a car is very much more efficient than the other options. In general, it's not recommended to ride a vespa or motorbike anywhere near heavy traffic. The same applies to bicycling which is nevertheless a very popular sport in Tuscany.

As a general rule, either be very careful or avoid driving into cities. This is because it's extremely easy to mistakenly enter a limited traffic zone and end up being fined multiple times. Also remember that there are speed cameras on even minor roads. The blood alcohol limit is also lower in Italy than in many other countries. Don't drink and drive!


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